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Students and their parents often require counseling and advice when faced with the decision whether to pursue Science or Commerce streams as students enter grades 9 and 11.

The school offers its expertise and counsels parents based on students’ past performance, interests, aptitudes and prospects for the future.

Special career counseling is offered to students of grades 10 and 12 and their parents, providing them with feedback on possible career choices for the future. The school, in association with reputed agencies, conducts for its senior students an array of psychometric tests that help determine their aptitudes for and natural tendencies towards certain careers.

The partnering agencies subsequently share individualized analysis of these tests which helps students and their parents make better informed career decisions.

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We at RIS are keen to work with qualified, experienced and motivated staff who enjoy working with children and have what it takes to work in a boarding school for helping shape the minds and hearts of the 21st century learners and develop their thinking skills and creativity. More

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