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The Elementary School (grades 2 to 6) is a period during which appropriate teaching and learning methodologies seek to foster a love for learning in the school’s younger students. These methodologies focus on helping students assume ownership and responsibility for their own learning. The approach to education in Elementary School at RiverDale is participative and enquiry-based, and involves a great deal of activity-based learning that focuses on helping children assimilate key concepts. Children are encouraged to interact freely with their teachers and among themselves.

Excellence in academics being a priority, a wide range of teaching and learning resources are made available to students in order to develop their interest and conceptual clarity in various subjects. After class tutorial and remedial sessions are offered systematically to students who need that extra help in order to constantly improve on their academic performance.

Being at such impressionable age, the school makes sure to expose its Elementary School students to a strong program of moral and value education. In addition to all this, these students are encouraged to actively participate in physical and sports activities, engage in music and arts classes, make liberal use of the library, and participate in extra-curricular activities.

In short, the school's younger students enjoy a plethora of programs and activities aimed to make them aware of different cultures, religious practices and traditions that helps them work productivity with one another, and gain a greater appreciation of the unity in diversity inherent in human beings.


We at RIS are keen to work with qualified, experienced and motivated staff who enjoy working with children and have what it takes to work in a boarding school for helping shape the minds and hearts of the 21st century learners and develop their thinking skills and creativity. More

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