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A balanced and comfortable life at RiverDale is ensured for its students by providing the necessary infrastructure and modern facilities which include spacious classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, playground and a large and well-stocked library among other.

Classrooms at RiverDale are spacious, well lit and ventilated. All classrooms are equipped with the interactive smart-class system ensuring that students have access to a wide variety of learning tools and audio-visual aids that support their learning.

The maximum number of students accommodated in a classroom rarely exceeds 25, allowing teachers to work more effectively with each student, and give personalized attention to them in class.

Each student is assigned an individual desk as well as a separate locker, providing adequate space and comfort to the students, apart from the storage space that they need for taking care of their belongings in the classroom.

Students are routinely engaged in activities for decorating their classrooms and displaying their projects, charts, flyers and other creative work produced by them.

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A residential school takes on the dual role of academic instruction and parenting. The well-being and comfort of children are top priorities at RiverDale. The dormitories are areas for relaxing, socializing and studying. The design of the buildings is conducive to creating the ideal setting for harmonious living. Each dormitory is headed by a Dorm-Parent living within the premises, creating a family environment with loving supervision and caring guidance.

The school has five dormitories, each named after an essential human virtue-Fellowship, Unity, Harmony, Peace and Wisdom. Each dormitory is housed amidst lush greenery and landscaped gardens, creating a peaceful and serene environment for children.

These dormitories can collectively accommodate about 450 students. Each dormitory is divided into Wings, which accommodate no more than ten students.

Students in the dormitories are served round the clock by a loving and caring Dorm-Parent in each dormitory whose proper supervision and untiring efforts ensure that the stay of students at school is comfortable, and all their needs are met promptly and efficiently. Students are helped to learn to adjust with their peers. Apart from this, students are also trained in the orderly arrangement of their personal belongings in the dormitories, and the maintenance of proper discipline, hygiene and cleanliness.

The toilet blocks of the dormitories are equipped with western-styled toilets and bathrooms with hot water. Each dormitory has a lounge and recreation room where children spend their leisure time and unwind.

The school's dormitories are beehives of activity, especially on weekends. A warm and affable environment in the dormitories ensures that students interact among themselves freely, learn to extend mutual support when required, and develop close friendly relations. As in any boarding school, life in the dormitories is the bedrock of the RiverDale community.

The students of grade 12 in the Junior College enjoy additional facilities in their dormitories. Each student is assigned with a personal study-desk, bed and cupboard. This helps these senior-most students of the school to have the necessary privacy, especially while engaging in self-study late at night and early in the morning.

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Consistent with the adage that a 'healthy mind rests in a healthy body' every care and attention is devoted to provide students at RiverDale with the kind of nutrition that growing children require. It is often quite a challenge to design a menu that offers meals that are healthy and nutritious as well as tasty and appealing to the varied tastes of young children! This challenge has been surmounted at RiverDale, thanks to a team of dedicated dining hall staff.

Feedback from staff and students is obtained frequently on the quality of food, which, in turn, is incorporated into further improving the quality of the meals served. The school's kitchen is equipped with modern amenities which ensure hygienic and timely preparation and service of meals.

The kitchen is adequately equipped to prepare and serve a variety of nutritionally balanced and delicious meals with provision for separate cooking of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

Apart from three main meals, students are provided with snacks at regular intervals throughout the day to meet their energy demands. Students sit together during meals and are served by the kitchen and other staff. A member of the school staff sits at each table along with the students ensuring that they finish their portions, do not waste food and use proper etiquette and manners while eating. On special occasions, the dining hall serves students new dishes, providing the opportunity to introduce new menu-items every now and then thus creating more variety in the meals served.

In addition, special diets are provided for students and staff on medical advice as and when necessary.

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Located an hour away from Pune, the school has devised an efficient system providing prompt medical attention and care to students when required. A well equipped infirmary with beds for eight students is served by an experienced full-time in-house nurse. Ample space for individual and group isolation is also available at the behest of the Nurse.

Students are checked twice a year for their height and weight, their immunization vaccines and the subsequent boosters. Visiting doctors are periodically invited to address teens on their biological changes and also stress on health and hygiene for all.

Cases that require more attention are attended to by medical physicians from nearby localities. In the rare occasions when children develop more serious conditions, they are promptly referred to leading hospitals in Pune such as Jehangir, Ruby Hall and Sancheti, depending on the nature of the problem.

The school's ambulance remains constantly on standby and ready to respond promptly to any emergency.

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Two spacious and multi-functional auditoriums serve as venues for various activities and events at the school. The school staff and students assemble in these auditoriums for the daily morning assembly and other functions. These auditoriums also serve as multi-purpose halls which students also use for after-hours sports activities like badminton and table-tennis, and for movies and other entertainment programs on specific days which help them unwind.

These halls also serve as examination halls, especially since RiverDale has been designated by the CISCE as a centre for conducting the final ICSE and ISC Board examinations.

The school's main auditorium is one of the busiest locations of the school, constantly bustling with activity throughout the day.

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RiverDale School makes sure to place at the disposal of its students a spacious and well-stocked library. The library has a wide range of books that students refer to for academic as well as general reading purposes.

The serene environment in the school library routinely attracts students and staff and serves to keep alive among the members of the RiverDale community the habit of reading. The library is constantly enriched by addition of new books and other reading materials in order to provide students with updated information and knowledge.

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The school has two audio-visual rooms: one each in the school's main academic building and in the Elementary School. These audio-visual rooms are equipped with computer and projection systems and are used for special presentations, seminars and training sessions. These spacious rooms are routinely used by staff, students and visiting faculty for presentations and other special occasions.

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The school's Tuck Shop is a location at the school which is quite popular with students. The Tuck Shop provides students with the opportunity of indulging themselves in some of their favorite treats during weekends. Students deal only with coupons as cash is not allowed for any student transaction on campus.

Students suggest items and the Tuck Shop tries to supply these to the students from time to time.

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The school has well equipped and separate laboratories for IT, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These laboratories are maintained according to the highest possible standards required for helping children engage in self-discovery and experimentation related to their classroom based academic work.

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RiverDale School boasts of excellent sports facilities which include separate playgrounds for different sporting disciplines.

A full-size cricket ground along with a mini-stadium, a standard football field, two swimming pools, one each for boys and girls, two standard tennis courts, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a well equipped modern gymnasium, a modern and well equipped paddock horse-riding range, and a multi-purpose enclosed hard-court are among the sporting facilities that the school places at the disposal of its students.

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As in most other schools, RiverDale follows the house system. Soon after joining RiverDale, every student is assigned to one of the four houses: Fern (green), Maple (yellow), Oak (red) and Willow (blue). Each house is served by its set of House Masters and Mistresses from among the staff, as well as House Captains from among the members of the Board of Prefects.

House points are regularly compiled and updated every week. Points are awarded for students who do well in tournaments, extra-curricular and sports activities. Points are also awarded to students for outstanding academic performance, and exemplary conduct and behavior in the classroom, dormitory and dining hall. The winning house is declared once a month with special privileges afforded to its member staff and students during the course of the month.

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We at RIS are keen to work with qualified, experienced and motivated staff who enjoy working with children and have what it takes to work in a boarding school for helping shape the minds and hearts of the 21st century learners and develop their thinking skills and creativity. More

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