Very few people live to realise their dreams. I can proudly say that my dream is up and running with RiverDale in its fourteenth year! My vision and dream of over a decade ago have been realised through the tireless efforts of my capable team and students. Today RiverDale International Residential School stands tall in the tradition of boarding schools the world over. It caters to every need of the modern parent who seeks an all-round development for his or her child in a boarding school environment. Be it in academics, sports, extra or co-curricular activities, RiverDale has it all and provides the best educational stimuli to its students. Focus, however, remains strongly on ensuring excellent academic performance and helping children attain increasingly higher levels of moral behaviour.

A boarding school has always been the best option for creating the all-round personality of a child as students learn to think and act independently and take responsibility for their actions.

Besides, life at RiverDale ensures proper development of the inter-personal and intra-personal skills of students, skills that will serve them in good stead later in their lives.

A healthy mind in a healthy body, and a heart filled with high moral values is what I see in my students at RiverDale.

RiverDale is in tune with many best-practices from among leading boarding schools worldwide. One of these is the school’s mentoring programme as students receive constant guidance from their assigned mentors. Many parents have really appreciated this programme and have reverted with the best possible feedback about it.

With a dedicated Principal and his team of administrators and faculty in place, I am sure that RiverDale will continue to strive to ensure the best for every student and will be a major driving force for nurturing the treasures of society entrusted to our care by their parents!


We at RIS are keen to work with qualified, experienced and motivated staff who enjoy working with children and have what it takes to work in a boarding school for helping shape the minds and hearts of the 21st century learners and develop their thinking skills and creativity. More

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