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The staff associated with the school's High School fulfill a distinct need in working with the students of grades 9 and 10: to build on the preliminary training offered in their formative years, and provide the necessary training and orientation that will help them cope with the demands of the ICSE curriculum.

At this level, students are offered the choice of two academic streams: Science and Commerce. Students need to decide on the stream they wish to follow and choose the subjects thereof early in the term in the 9th grade and have these registered with the Council.

The High School students are put through a strict regimen that includes routine daily class periods, extra classes and individual self-study sessions. Regular assessments based on portions covered, and past question papers help accustom students with the Board's examination patterns.

Although a major portion of the time of these students is spent in refining and strengthening their academic progress, they do engage in their share of leisure, sports, games and extracurricular activities which help to keep them refreshed, stress free and focused.

At an age when students are fast developing into teenagers, they are also given the necessary guidance for imbibing strong moral values so that their innate goodness is brought out in the stressful and often tumultuous state that they find themselves in mentally and emotionally. It is from here onwards that students begin to take charge of their own actions and emotions and develop a more acute sense of responsibility and accountability.

Students at this level are helped to maintain a fine balance between the development of their capacities in the fields of academics and other extra-curricular activities, all the while enjoying their work and life at school.


We at RIS are keen to work with qualified, experienced and motivated staff who enjoy working with children and have what it takes to work in a boarding school for helping shape the minds and hearts of the 21st century learners and develop their thinking skills and creativity. More

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